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本文摘要:Apple’s flagship store in Wangfujing, a central shopping district in Beijing, is a hive of activity. But, unfortunately for the iPhone maker, most people are not there to buy. 坐落于在北京市中心商业区王府井的苹果(Apple)分店人头攒动,但对iPhone的制造商来说,失望的是,大多数人来这里并不买手机。

Apple’s flagship store in Wangfujing, a central shopping district in Beijing, is a hive of activity. But, unfortunately for the iPhone maker, most people are not there to buy. 坐落于在北京市中心商业区王府井的苹果(Apple)分店人头攒动,但对iPhone的制造商来说,失望的是,大多数人来这里并不买手机。Part of the problem may be short term, according to staff in the shop. Many Chinese are putting off buying an Apple device until the new iPhone 7 model comes out in September, says an employee, who adds that a lull in sales before a big launch is to be expected. “There’s no reason for any concern; when the new phone comes out sales will pick up,” he says.店内员工回应,一部分问题有可能是短期的。一位店员回应,许多中国人现在延期出售苹果设备,要等今年9月iPhone 7上市。

他补足称之为,在发售根本性产品前销售衰退是意料之中的。他说道:“没理由忧虑;当新手机发售时,销量就不会下降。”Liu Shan, a matronly woman guiding her teenage cousin around the store, is one of the few seemingly in the shop to buy a phone — but even she fails to show the sort of devoted Apple fandom that made China the company’s largest market outside the US.刘珊(音译)是一位看起来家庭主妇的女士,她带着十几岁的表妹同来。

她是店内或许不会买手机的少数人之一,但从她身上看到“果粉”的那种着迷——正是这些果粉让中国沦为苹果在美国以外的仅次于市场。“She’s just a student,” she says of her youthful charge, flicking through a display of iPads, “so there’s no need to wait for an iPhone 7. We’re very pragmatic.”网页着iPad的展出画面,刘珊谈及自己的表妹时回应:“她只是个学生,因此没适当等候iPhone 7上市。我们十分稳健。”This lack of excitement points to the bigger problem Apple faces in China. A drop in revenues in the country by a third last quarter signalled to some that the company’s capacity to dazzle smartphone shoppers has been diminished amid stiffer competition from cheaper local competitors producing more technologically advanced devices.这种缺少热情的展现出体现出有苹果在中国面对更大的问题。

上季度苹果在华收益上升三分之一,这让一些人实在,随着来自产品物美价廉的本土厂商的竞争激化,苹果让智能手机购买者著迷的能力上升了。The fall in sales should not have come as a surprise. Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, used a fall in search queries as a proxy for foot traffic to Apple stores to correctly predict a 23-34 per cent year-on-year fall in Apple’s quarterly revenues in China.人们不应付苹果销售上升深感车祸。中国仅次于的搜索引擎百度(Baidu)用搜寻查找数量的上升作为苹果商店客流量的晴雨表,正确地预测苹果在华季度收益同比上升23%-34%。Chinese smartphone users are no longer buying into the hype as they once did. When Apple first launched an iPhone in 2009, the smartphone was a status symbol for young Chinese middle class consumers.中国智能手机用户仍然像过去那样波澜出售。

当2009年苹果首次在中国销售iPhone时,享有一部iPhone是中国年长的中产阶级消费者有地位的象征物。Apple consolidated its position with the release of several new phones aimed at the local market, briefly pushing the group to the top of China’s smartphone market last year.苹果针对中国市场公布了数款新手机,稳固了其地位,去年一度占有中国智能手机市场份额的头把交椅。But Xiang Ligang, an expert on China’s telecommunications sector, says that Apple now faces a challenge in “keeping itself interesting” in China, namely that the group was “looking like a trend follower these days”.但中国电信业专家项立刚回应,苹果目前在中国面对“维持自身有意思”的挑战,也就是说该集团“最近看上去就看起来潮流跟随者”。Crucially, local rivals have caught up with, and in some cases exceeded, the sort of technological advances that were once the calling card of the US tech group. 关键问题是,技术上的先进设备一度是这家美国科技公司的名片,但本土竞争对手早已迎头赶上,在某些情况下还有所打破。

Rumours suggest that the forthcoming iPhone 7 will have a dual-lens camera, for example, but by the time it launches in September “it will look old”, says Mr Xiang.项立刚回应,比如有传言称之为,将要公布的iPhone 7将不会有双摄像头,但到9月公布时,“这种配备将不会变得过时”。Many competitors already have dual-lens cameras on their newer phones, such as Huawei’s P9 launched in April, and Xiaomi’s Redmi Pro. 许多竞争对手早已在新款手机上配备了双摄像头,比如华为(Huawei)今年4月发售的P9,以及小米(Xiaomi)发售的红米Pro。“The Chinese phonemakers are fast catching up with Apple in quality and performance, and the consumer mindset is also evolving,” says Mr Xiang. “Some users will always associate Apple with wealth and taste but, for a lot of users, sporting a Huawei or Oppo will no longer cause them to lose face.”项立刚回应:“中国手机制造商很快在品质和性能上追上苹果,消费者心态也在改变。

一些用户一直不会把苹果与财富和品位联系在一起,但对许多用户来说,拿着华为或Oppo手机将仍然让他们深感真是。”Getting China right is important for Apple; until the previous quarter, it was the company’s fastest-growing market.对苹果来说,搞定中国市场十分最重要。累计上季度,中国还是苹果快速增长最慢的市场。

The drop in sales in China has added to Apple’s troubles as it faces a number of setbacks in the country, from a spurious copyright infringement lawsuit — alleging a Chinese company owned the iPhone trademark — to a ban on its iTunes video service.苹果在中国困难身患,从冒充商标侵权行为诉讼——控告一家享有iPhone商标的中国公司——到iTunes视频服务查禁,而在中国市场销售上升堪称雪上加霜。But devices are core to its success. Apple has ceded ground to Huawei, as well as to relatively unknown brands such as Oppo and Vivo, who took the top three slots respectively in market share rankings for the second quarter, according to Canalys, the research group.但设备是其胜败的关键。


Research by Counterpoint Technology, the market research firm, shows that Oppo passed Huawei in the second quarter to become the top-selling smartphone in China, with 22 per cent market share.市场研究公司Counterpoint Technology的研究表明,Oppo在二季度多达华为,沦为中国市场最畅销的智能手机,占有22%的市场份额。Oppo and Vivo, both largely unknown brands abroad, are both owned by BBK Electronics, based in the southern city of Dongguan.在国外没什么名气的Oppo和Vivo都隶属于总部坐落于东莞的步步高电子(BBK)旗下。

Apple in the previous quarter came fifth in China, accounting for a market share of 9 per cent, just ahead of Samsung, according to Canalys.Canalys的数据表明,苹果上季度在中国市场名列第五,占有9%的市场份额,仅有领先于三星。China’s smartphone market grew 3 per cent in the last quarter, according to the group.该集团回应,中国智能手机市场规模在上季度快速增长3%。Research from Piper Jaffray estimated that mainland China accounted for 15 per cent of Apple sales in the quarter, adding that part of the drop can be accounted for by an inventory drawdown and that the numbers “look worse than they are”.Piper Jaffray在研究报告中估算,苹果上季度销售的15%来自中国内地。

该机构补足称之为,销售上升在一定程度上可以说道是去库存导致的,而且数据“看上去比实际情况差劲”。Bryan Ma, analyst at IDC, the research firm, says Chinese consumers quickly tire of last year’s, or even last month’s, model. “One of Apple’s problems in China is its product refreshes...or lack thereof,” he says.研究公司IDC的分析师马伯远(Bryan Ma)回应,中国消费者很快沮丧了去年、乃至上月的机型。他说道:“苹果在中国的问题之一是产品更新换代……或者更新换代不力。

”The fickleness of the savvy Chinese consumer has already caused problems for rivals, which have also struggled to stay on top of the China smartphone market. Previous years have seen Samsung and Xiaomi topping the charts at some point only to fall back.宽了胆识的中国消费者如今仍然忠心于某个品牌,这早已对竞争对手们造成了问题,后者也很难持续占有中国智能手机市场的榜首方位。一度名列榜首的三星和小米在前几年名列早已上升。Crucial to staying relevant is to promise something new. Mr Ma says the worry for Apple is that supposedly leaked images of the iPhone 7 appear to show little difference from the iPhone 6S. 契合市场需求的关键在于允诺发售新产品。

马伯远回应,对苹果来说,令人担忧的是,从据传是iPhone 7泄漏的照片看,这款手机的外观或许与iPhone 6S没多大有所不同。“Apple needs to make sure that the next product looks noticeably different from the previous version, as the physical appearance is critical in market such as China where iPhones are viewed as status symbols”.“苹果必须保证下一款产品看上去与前款产品显著有所不同,因为在iPhones被视作地位象征物的中国等市场,物理外观十分最重要。





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